Career/ Leadership

Careers are constantly in flux, we may change companies, we have new bosses and colleagues, we take on new responsibilities and leadership roles. All of these things require adaptation and change as we strive for success in each new context. As Marshall Goldsmith so wisely pointed out, “What got you here will not get you there.”

Working with me will help you get clear about what is important now and will help you creatively explore options for action so that you can commit and move forward with speed. When new skills and thought processes are required coaching provides both support and accountability for you to travel new ground with greater confidence.

Starting Out

The outset of any journey is important because we are committing ourselves to a particular path and that can feel overwhelming. I create a safe space for college and graduate students to share challenges and explore creative solutions as you navigate your current experiences and lay the groundwork for the future.

We will work in partnership to get clear about what matters most to you so that you will feel greater confidence as you chart your course toward the life and career that calls to you.

Life Changes

Sometimes we actively seek change in our lives, at other times change is thrust upon us and we have little choice but to go forward into a new chapter. Sometimes planning for or adapting to life changes can be challenging and lonely work, however, change also creates opportunities.

Working with me gives you a partner in exploration, helping you expand your view of what’s possible and move forward with intention.