Where Did My Flow Go?

I’ve been thinking about flow (the mental state where you are completely immersed in some activity—engaged and focused, often to the point of losing track of time). I experience flow when I’m on a strenuous hike in the mountains, gardening, and when I am coaching. It feels good; almost addicting!

The contrast that comes up for me are times when I’ve been in what I will call a “contentment rut”—I experience this as just going through the motions, on autopilot because everything is stable in my life. And then I wake up and realize that I haven’t been present—that, while I am busy and not unhappy, I feel the constraint of the rut and know that change is needed.

Sometimes change comes from outside—having kids (or kids leaving home), being laid off, or having some amazing professional opportunity come your way. Sometimes you need to take action to get yourself out of the rut and create the possibility of flow. But let’s face it– making a change, especially when you’re relatively content, can be hard.

Coaching supports you to bring your own resources to bear on articulating what you most desire and then making change that matters to you

Coaching can provide support as you navigate change:

· Identifying what is most important to you now and creating a new vision for yourself

· Making a step-by-step plan to move towards what you want

· Providing support and challenge as you push the envelope of what you think is possible

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